Specialist rubber tracks

EIDER had been created in 1996.

Mastery of rubber technology dedicated for wet ground applications has made us leader and specialist in a market where adaptation and inovation are the key words. 17 years of field expertise and numerous pragmatic experiences allow us to offer reliable and efficient equipments to answer your specific needs. Eider's signature, technician by heart, ensure the design and the manufacture of reliable and efficient equipments leading to performance and quick return on investment.




Our job

Eider provides a wide range of equipments for various activities such as : agricultural works, market gardening, shellfish breeding, oyster bed, new environmental businesses, rescue, transport, with the following products :

  • Rubber tracks (monobloc or closing)
  • Caterpillars vehicles
  • The faucardeurs boats and puller
  • Amphibians and work boats

The rubber track

The rubber track is the common denominator. Mastery of rubber technical applications for many years gives us a real advantage. It allows us to offer the best adapted solution for your specific needs whatever are the environmental difficulties of your activities: water, snow, mud, sand, etc. 

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